Nana Bi-Kusi Appiah

Business and Traditional Ruler

Paramount Chief of the Kingdom of Ashanti,


Chairman, Centre for Ghanaian-German

Professional Training


Nana Adu Gyamfi (Dr. Edmund Osei Tutu Prempeh)

LL.B; LL.M (University of London, Kings College.

Of the Middle Temple,

Barrister-at-Law. Ph.D (Cambridge)

Solicitor/Advocate – Supreme Court of Judicature, Ghana

Paramount Chief of the Kingdom of Ashanti, Ghana.

Managing Director,

Centre for Ghanaian-German Professional Training


BENCINIC & SONS – INTERNATIONAL (BSI), is a privately owned

German company, registered and located near Regensburg in Germany, which arranges

for apprenticeship places in the area of geriatric care.


You will be trained, and subsequently employed, as a fully qualified and certified

geriatric nurse in Germany. Places are available for both male and female candidates.


In addition, BSI offers a minimum 5-years employment guarantee (after successful

passing of final examination).


Language requirements:


Before you start the training scheme in Germany (start is only once a year on 1st of

September) you need to acquire the German language certificate level B2.


Level A1, A2 and B1 will be taught in Ghana, which is also a prerequisite to receive

your visa.

Level B2 will be taught in Germany in accredited language institutions.


➢ Duration: 8 weeks

➢ Number of lessons (45 minutes): 25 to 30 lessons/week

➢ Group size: 8 to 10 trainees

➢ Accommodation in shared rooms (incl. small kitchen for self catering)


    Costs: 2,500 EUR/trainee (subsistence expenses are not included)


The visa conditions stipulate there should be no time gap between language exam

B2 and start of apprenticeship. We of course schedule your whole training to satisfy

any conditions set.


Apprenticeship procedure:


The procedure follows the principle of the German “dual” - training system.

Approx. 60 % of the training take place in geriatric homes (practice) and 40 % in

public and private schools (theory).


The total training time is 3 years and ends with an examination.


After a successful exam you are a skilled geriatric nurse.


During your apprenticeship you will get a trainee allowance as follows:


  - 1st year: approx. 930 EUR/gross/month

  - 2nd year: approx. 1,000 EUR/gross/month

  - 3rd year: approx. 1,050 EUR/gross/month


Full employment:


BSI offers a guarantee for a minimum 5 years employment contract in a geriatric

home. The monthly salary is equal to German skilled geriatric nurses.

The monthly gross salary starts at approx. 2,400 EUR


Additional salary package:


Basic salary calculated per month,

  - Working pattern in shifts (day / night as necessary),

  - Night shifts salary 25% extra,

  - Weekends salary 50% extra,

  - Public holiday salary 100 to 125% extra,

  - Total average work hours are 171 hours per month,

  - Holiday allowance is 25 days per annum (minimum),

  - Tax payable and Pension plan payable following German Working Law,

  - BSI offer a “REPLACEMENT AGREEMENT” with Employer in cases of

    individual with lesser than 5 years period.


Living costs per month per candidate:


Accommodation:                                                                 200 - 400.00 EUR

(either cash or deductible value of benefits in kind

Meals/catering:                                                                            225.00 EUR

(either cash or deductible value of benefits in kind

Private indemnity insurance                                                              5.00 EUR

Health insurance (free for students in training)                                   0.00 EUR

Public transport                                                                              70.00 EUR

(monthly ticket valid inside town of residence)

Miscellaneous                                                                                 80.00 EUR

(Phone credit, TV license etc.)

Clothing, entertainment, health insurance co-payments

- excluded



Individual demand per month – approx..                              580 to 780.00 EUR




Service offering/support in Germany by BSI



  - Evaluation / processing of submitted documents

  - Set up of any required trainee relationships in Germany

  - Enrollment in and management of the the required “Dual Training System”

    process (involvement of chamber of industry and commerce (IHK), chamber

    of craftsmanship (HWK) and/or local governmental departments involved in

    the health care professions

  - After a successful examination - Drafting and forwarding of working contracts

  - Involvement of ZAV (Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung – central office

    for referral and placement of skilled workers/trainees) and involvement of the

    respective responsible local governmental department for processing of the

    Visa and working permit applications

  - Assistance with accommodation of the participants in employers' / retirement

    homes' premises

  - Airport pickup and later on transfer to the location of apprenticeship placement


  - Assistance with opening a bank account in Germany

  - Assistance with signing up for private liability insurance

  - Assistance with registering with public health care insurance scheme

  - Setting up the necessary language training and examination (CEFR-level B2)

  - Application for / extension of residence permit at the administrative district


  - Mediation in case of any unexpected problems

  - Help with the annual tax declaration

  - Help with application for subsidies for any additional further training


While we anticipate it to be a rare event, we have made provision for the following,

maximum once per candidate : In case the participant is not happy in the placement

arranged for him / her, and finds it impossible to continue in his planned service, BSI

offers to refer the candidate to an alternative vacancy.


Governmental service:


All participants have to pay a monthly percentage of their gross salary into the

governmental pension found (9.45%).


By law, at the end of their employment contract and return to their homeland, the

candidates can ask for a full repayment of the amount they have already payed into

the governmental pension found during their stay in Germany, after a waiting period

of 2years.


All employees have to pay a certain amount into the health care insurance/service.


In case a participant gets sick or he/she needs a hospital service, all costs will be

covered by the health care service, excluding a small co-payment (limited to € 20 per

quarter and to a maximum of € 7 per medication dispensed).



Application documents (apprenticeship application)


Needed documents for the application process in Germany (translated into German

and certified officially) are:


  - Copy of Passport

  - CV

  - Motivational letter

  - Latest school certificate

  - Confirmation letter – start of language training and expected examination date

    for B1

  - Certificate of vocational training in Ghana (incl. internship)

  - Certificate of the last employment (if applicable)





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